Huttunen & Lindholm

Working pair (portrait of two female artists)

Digital print / 2017 / dimensions variable

The work is the first portrait of two female artists, who together form a working pair. The work is created as a part of art history and it is also a part of the series 52 WEEKS AND WORKS (working title) by Hinni Huttunen.


Multi channel video installation / 2016 / 11'00'' / 16:9 / HD-video / color / stereo

Resistance is a representation of solidarity, revolution and drumming as a form of activism. The drumming group playing on the video is part of a global drumming network Rhythms of Resistance that supports everyone struggling against exploitation, discrimination and oppression. The different groups play samba music in different demonstrations and direct actions all over the world. As artists our work is based on the same values and we believe that contemporary art is an important part of the resistance against fascism and right-wing nationalism.

The work can be installed as a 3-channel version or as a round 6-channel version.

The work is a collaboration between Jemina Lindholm and Hinni Huttunen.

Performers: Manse RoR

Directing: Hinni Huttunen & Jemina Lindholm

Director of photography: Jesse Jalonen

Editor: Riku Leino

Sound: Joni Heinonen

Still photographer: Timo Bredenberg

Transportation: Elina Ylhäisi

Catering: Silja Nieminen & Liisa Sahlberg

Thank you: Arts Promotion Center Finland, The Paulo Foundation, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse, Hyperborean Acoustics, Tmi Joni Heinonen, Tussitaikurit and Tampere Kunsthalle

Artists escaped to underground!

Digital poster / 2015 / dimensions variable

Poster with a headline about artists' rights. Made for HEADLINER exhibition (Y-festivaali 2015 and Työväenmuseo Werstas 2016, Tampere), curated by art collective Tehonrakentajat.

Got buns, hun?

4-channel video installation / 2015 / loop / 16:9/4:3 / HD-video / color / stereo

Got Buns, Hun? installation is a manifest against the objectification of bodies. Non-normative bodies have been erased from the imagery of popular culture. The faces behind marshmallow-covered balaclavas are not shown to the viewer. Anonymous body parts become distorted on a slow motion video. There are 3 294 705 posts with the #fitspiration on Instagram. The results of Google image search overflow with generic beauty imagery: the material found with the index words 'beauty' and 'sexy' contain photos of scantily dressed female bodies without exception. Silent anarchy smoulders beneath the projection.

The work is a collaboration between Jemina Lindholm and Hinni Huttunen.

Cinematographer & gaffer & color correction: Jesse Jalonen

Camera assistant & electrician: Anna Puustinen

#MementoVivere #YOLO

4-channel video installation / 2015 / loop / 4:3 / HD-video / color / silent

Four channel video installation about Sookie & Alice & Amy & Marilyn. Also: teenage, vanitas, life and pixels.